How to find good escorts?

How to find good escorts?

There are many newbies who are planning to hire an escort but understand the pitfalls of the process. If you thought that finding an escort is easy and simple then think again. Newbies are worried if the escort turns out to be undercover cop, or even might be a thief. If these thoughts creep in a newbie’s mind then the world of escorts might feel intimidating. If you are such worried person then we are here to help which will demystify all your fear about finding a good escort. There are few easy steps for finding the perfect escort for the evening.

Search for the beautiful escort who must be a good provider There are many websites which helps in finding a genuine escort. Beware of studio photos as there is a good chance it might be fake. If you find the escorts listed in many other websites then it is better to avoid her as the profile is definitely fake. Some escorts even have personal websites on which they share about their personal side and even mention their rate and requirements.

Calling the escort of your choice

Now it is time to call the selected escorts and one should only call to make their appointment. Few people make a huge mistake by starting to discuss positions they might engage in during the intercourse. Before making that call do your research, time and venue of the appointment and lastly, references as it is asked by many escorts. As we have already mentioned that many escorts have their own websites and on which there are reviews. There are also escort review websites which can be used for research.

You should have preferred place planned and it is better to have a backup if your preferred spot doesn’t work out. The time you are going to spend with an escort will determine how money you will have to shell out. On average, the time frame is 1 hour. Many escorts ask for two references of two escorts that have used before, employment and verification details. If you are a new to this business then you won’t have two escort’s reference. Many newbies are scared to share their information. Escorts ask for these to protect themselves and verify if you are not a psycho or a killer. Try to keep the conversation short and don’t discuss other matters.

Preparing yourself for the date

After all the mentioned process, there are few things you need to prepare for. If its incall then make sure you are well dressed and make all the necessary arrangements such as brushing your teeth and taking a bath. No one likes to be hygiene and escorts are picky in this regard. Make sure you know where you are going and arrive at the mentioned place 15-20 early. Now if it’s an outcall, then you are the host and you have to ensure that the place is clean and hygienic. Having a new brush and mouthwash is recommended. Offer some refreshments such as water, chip and even ice. Don’t try to impose anything on her. Keep the money in an envelope and place it an innocuous place. When it comes to business she will lead the way from intimacy and the intercourse. Majority of escorts know how to make comfortable especially if you are newbie. If you are in good hands of an experienced escort then you will have the best time of your life.