What can you do with an escort?

What can you do with an escort?

Before we began, let us clarify that every escort have their personal style. We will give you a general idea on what you can do with an escort.

What to do after booking an escort?

Let assume you have chosen an escort and made your booking. The appointment could be at a hotel or a place of your convenience. Now you are waiting for her to arrive and had a drink, and wondering if you should have second one. Before the escort arrival, ensure that your place is neat and tidy especially the bathroom. That particular place will be used before and after your association. Keep few extra towels in there as you might need it. Since, it is just like a date, makes sure you make a good first impression.

What do to after the arrival of your escort?

When your escort arrive at your place, try to be restrained but not overtly shy. Offer her water or drink and make her comfortable as she will check out the place first. Escorts feel safe and confident when the clients pay them at first. So keep the money in an envelope and make sure she can see that on the table. It is highly recommended not to be touchy or overt the top in your gesture before paying her. Firstly, this is a rude gesture and she might feel unsafe. You need to make your escort safe around you.

How to initiate the action?

We have already mentioned that every escort works in their own way. It might start with a red wine which proceeds to cuddling and kissing. Let your escort set the pace if you are not sure what to do. Asking is great gesture, always ask if “you can kiss her” or “should we go the bedroom”. The general thumb rule is that your escort will set the pace for you and will ensure that you have as much as fun in the give time frame. Whatever you are going to experience in the bedroom is heavily dependent on your escort. Generally, oral sex is offered along with intercourse. If you not comfortable with intercourse then relay this message to her. One doesn’t have to anything which they don’t like.

Safe sex is highly recommended and don’t expect any escort to perform anything until you have protection. Many escorts carry condom and lubes with them. People who are using escorts for time gets too anxious and don’t get hard. There are some who get hard and are scared to reach their orgasm. If any of these things happens to you, don’t be too hard on yourself as it happens quite often. Try to do things which make both of you comfortable. Always be respectful and gentle and it is consider polite before penetrating anything even your fingers. When the time is over she will let you know and you can also ask how much time is left.