What is the Difference between an Escort and a Prostitute?

What is the Difference between an Escort and a Prostitute?

Have you been mistaking an escort for a prostitute? You may be wrong in its entirety. Though it may not be your fault; it may be due to your inability to differentiate between the two. To be sincere, the two of them have a common meeting point kind of, but they are still different one from the other. In this write-up, we will give you a couple of reasons why an escort girl is not the same as a prostitute.

Who is an escort?

She is more or less fulfilling entertainment purpose, unlike a prostitute that is solely for the purpose of fulfilling sexual pleasure. While a prostitute is only for sexual gratification, an escort does not just fulfill sexual needs of the man; she can also be useful in several other aspects. Despite the glaring differences between the two of them, they both get paid for sex. An escort is far classier than a prostitute, and she also gets paid higher than a prostitute. While just any girl can be a prostitute, a girl needs to meet up with certain criteria before she can function as an escort. An escort always looks glamorous and sexy. She is not just for sex in the bedroom or any location; she can also accompany the client to any destination, be it a business meeting or vacation.

The legal aspect of things

While prostitution is illegal, escort services are legal. The act of collecting money for sex is seen as prostitution, and it is counted as an illegal activity. Sexual gratification is not the main purpose of employing the service of an escort; she is employed as a companion, and she gets paid for her companionship. However, sex may happen in the course of dispensing her companionship service. This is one of the points that makes escorts services a legal service.


A prostitute does not have to be professional; in fact, many of them are far from being professional in service delivery. An escort, on the other hand, is professional in everything, be it her dressing, her gait or her general disposition. You can get a prostitute at the snap of a finger, and you can pick her up on the street. This is not the case with an escort; you will have to book ahead of time with escorts agencies before you can get her service. You can pick up a prostitute in a brothel, but an escort is too classy to be picked up in such a place.

The issue of choice

When looking for a prostitute, you may not be concerned about her looks; all you want is sexual pleasure, and any girl that comes around is always welcome. You do not need to make choices as all your focus is immediate sexual gratification. The case is different when it comes to escort girls. They are not just to be used for sex in a room or lonely street corner where no one is watching; they are to be your companions and people may see you together in public places if you so desire. As a result, you will want to choose carefully.