How Many Hours a Week do Strippers Work?

How Many Hours a Week do Strippers Work?

Everyone had planned while in school, and there is rarely anyone who planned to become a stripper when she leaves school. However, these things happen. Be that as it may, these ladies involved in stripping are doing a great job. At least, they entertain people and help them forget their troubles and sorrows, albeit temporarily. The focus of this write-up is not about the legality or otherwise of stripping; rather, the focus is on how many hours the strippers have to work per week and how much do they end up making within the period they work. Sit back and relax as you are let into some secrets about the stripping profession.

It depends on the club

How long stripper works is largely determined by the club where she works. Work schedule differs from one club to another. While some clubs have 6 hours scheduled for strippers working for them, the schedule can be longer or shorter in some other clubs per day. Also, a day is divided into two or three work schedules with different girls working at each of these periods. Be that as it may, some girls can decide to work double shifts, which mean they would be working for 6 hours per day.

The payment issue

Do you think the clubs pay these girls to work as strippers? Not at all; many people think like this too, but it is far from the truth. Sincerely, it is the other way round; the girls are the ones that pay the clubs to work in them as strippers. The amount paid by these girls equally differs from one club to another. The girls also pay per shift. This means she will have to pay for every 6 hours shift she mounts the stage.

The fee can range from $35 to $50, depending on the club where she is performing. If the girl decides to work a double shift, she will have to pay double. How then do these girls make their money, you may ask? The girls get tips from the customers; the tips form the only source of income for these girls. Aside from the flat shift fees they have to pay these clubs, the girls are also required to part with 10% of any amount they make from their tips. So if you have thought that clubs pay the girls per hour to dance, you better start having a change of thought.

How profitable is the timing?

You may think 6 hours is too short per shift, but it is not necessarily so. Within this shift, the girl is expected to make enough money to offset her stage fee and also make an adequate profit for herself. At times, the period will be sufficient to make a lot of money, and at other times, it may not be enough. The adequacy of the time depends on how many men show up at the club in that particular shift. So as to maximize time and still spare some time for personal purposes, many of the girls choose certain days of the week when sales are much; many prefer to work only during weekends, from Thursdays to Saturdays.