How important is Sex in a Relationship?

How important is Sex in a Relationship?

This is one of the most common questions many people ask relationships. They want to know whether it is right for a boyfriend and girlfriend to engage in sex while in a relationship and also if sex is an essential aspect of a relationship. While some are of the opinion that sex is overrated in a relationship, some other schools of thought hold strong that it is very important. Many experts have given various responses to this question. In this write-up, we are going to give our viewpoint, which is the outcome of some years of research into a male and female relationship.

Means of connection

Sex in a relationship is one of the ways to get a better connection with your girlfriend. This stands out as one of the best reasons to have sex in a relationship. Sex creates room for intimacy, and the intimacy brings the two of you together like never before. Simply seeing each other naked will make you feel connected with your girlfriend in an entirely unique way and it will make you desire each other even more. The nakedness and sexual intercourse fires on the chemistry between the two of you and creates a sense of companionship and intimacy like never before. The chemistry will come automatically the moment the two of you find your grooves in the bedroom.

Better bladder control

You may not see this as s possibility, but research has shown that sexual intimacy with your girlfriend will improve bladder control on either side. Since you are still your and healthy now, there may not be any problem in controlling your bladder activities. But as you grow older, the issue of bladder control may become important. If you have had a lot of sex with your girlfriend, you will not have a problem controlling your bladder when you grow older or weaker. Yes, frequent sex will improve bladder control. This may not be the main reason for having sex, but it is undoubtedly a very helpful outcome of frequent sexual intercourse.

Means of exercise

Sex is one of the best ways to lose weight and become stronger physically. If you have not been exercising, frequent sex can cover up for this lack of exercise time. Each time you are in the company of your girlfriend, push her to the bed, the couch or the floor and give her the bang of her life. It will help to work your muscles a great deal. If you can have sex for 30 minutes, you will successfully burn over 144 calories. Do not just have sex, but also make sure you have it for long. Your girlfriend also is burning off extra 30 calories through her sighs and moans during sex.

Pain relief

You may not believe this, but sex has a healing impact on migraine. When next you are feeling headache, one of the best ways to get rid of that headache is not to skip sex, but to get down to sex. If your girlfriend complains of a headache, do not let her sleep it off; instead, make her sex if off.