Why do Escorts Have Strange Tattoos?

Why do Escorts Have Strange Tattoos?

If you have been patronizing escorts for long, you would have noticed that virtually all of them have tattoos on different parts of their bodies, especially on their boots and boobs. Other parts where these tattoos can be placed are their backs, bellies, and arms. One thing about these tattoos is their strange looks; yes, most of them sport strange looking tattoos unlike the common types of tattoos you find on several other girls on the street that are simple and not too bold. Have you asked yourself why these escort girls love to sport the strange looking tattoos on them? This write-up will try to provide answers to the question.

It makes them feel cool

Many of the escort girls have confessed that the strange looking tattoos they sport make them feel cool with themselves, hence their obsession with such tattoos. They claim the tattoos make them feel right, and they tend to feel incomplete without the tattoos. While some other ones among them have various other reasons for sporting the strange looking tattoos, the percentage that sees it as a cool thing is higher than other points of view. They claim they feel more at home wearing these strange looking tattoos and would have felt strange without them.

It makes them stand out

Ask many of them, and they will reveal to you that the strange looking tattoos on them are to make them stand out. Do not forget that these women are into the business of hawking their bodies. They need to make their ‘wares’ look attractive to the potential ‘buyers.’ For this to be possible, they need to find a way to make the potential buyer spot them from afar, and the strange looking tattoos provide such opportunity. If you see any woman wearing strange looking tattoos on visible parts of her body, like her neck, arms or legs, she is most probably an escort service provider, and her intention for wearing the tattoo is to make herself noticeable.

Sexual appeal

Over time, it had been discovered that tattoos could have sexual appeal on a man, the same way boobs and boots would have an effect on him. Some men get turned on by strange looking tattoos. Such tattoos make the man see the girls as wild and naughty, which are some of the qualities a man appreciate in women he needs for fulfilling his sexual pleasure. The tattoos also give the impression that the girls are available, which has a very strong effect on a sex-starved man. Rest assured that any girl wearing visible tattoos on her neck and other exposed parts of her body will have other strange looking tattoos on the hidden parts of her body, like her navel, boots or boobs.

Generally, strange-looking tattoos make the escort look bold and daring. In a way, the tattoo is also telling a story that the girl will be willing to satisfy all your sexual cravings and expectations, no matter what that may be. The sexual vibes the tattoos are sending out are simply irresistible. There is no better way to make a man go crazy with anticipation than by wearing strange looking tattoos.